Dedicated to the art of Paul James 

Guarding Gifford

Posted on January 29, 2015

Paul’s great interest in the Inland Waterways and narrow boating stems from the time that he lived on his narrow boat ‘Fool’s Paradise’ and travelled the canals and rivers of Britain. During that period, although he painted some waterways related scenes he never featured any boats in his paintings. It wasn’t until this year (2014) that he endeavoured to tackle the subject as his interest has never waned.

This canvas features two historic narrow boats ‘Clematis’ the motor and ‘Gifford’ the un-powered butty. Paul felt this needed to be a large picture in order to demonstrate the robustness of the structure of the hulls and to capture the interesting shapes, perspectives and atmosphere of the setting. After its’ completion Paul learnt that the dog ‘Jake’ had been a well-known character on ‘the cut’. He added the duck as it seemed that something had caught Jake’s eye and created some tension between the two creatures which was something he witnessed a lot.

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