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Paul's top 10

Posted on February 13, 2015

We asked Paul if he would tell us his top ten contemporary animal paintings and why?

He said that it was an almost nigh impossible task – but when pushed this is what he came up with. So in reverse order.

  1. Adrian - This is as much a memory of the day. I was actually being filmed painting ‘Bridge 32’ for the TV series ‘Water World’ and we’d gone looking for the Bridge on the Caldon Canal to identify its number. Whilst waiting for the camera to be set up on what was a very wild, wet and windy day this cow peered over the wall at us.  I do like the curiosity and nonchalance of cows and this was a particularly doleful looking one.  I say that ‘Adrian’ is actually the fly on the wall!  It is an image that seems to have enormous appeal and has been particularly successful as a Limited Edition.
  2. Chillin' – I liked the challenges, of which there were numerous within this painting; my largest ever original work on canvas to date at 5 feet by 7 feet. It took me the best part of a year to complete. I had a lot of fun playing around with ideas for the detritus as well.
  3. Christmas Party - probably highlights my warped sense of humour! Another challenging piece to paint but I like the chaos of all the turkeys and their characters.
  4. Urban Gorilla – in some ways this was a dream to paint. Initially I thought it a bit clichéd but changed my mind.  I think it is quite impactful on a number of levels and has re-introduced me to painting exotic wildlife again but in a different way.
  5. Charlie – Streetwise, On Grass, Just Charlie, Champagne, Spray it Again, & Discerning. I have to say them all as ‘Charlie’ has become such a popular character.  The initial inspiration  for ‘Streetwise Charlie’ came from my days boating on the Inland Waterways of Britain and seeing the ducks, geese and swans amidst the litter strewn , urban landscapes. My particular favourite right now is ‘Charlie on Grass’ although there will be others to follow.
  6. Zebra Crossing –Another piece full of distinctive memories as I photographed a group of pelicans on Terrigal Beach just north of Sydney, Australia.  If I’m pushed on favourite colour I’d have to say aubergine. It’s also stepping into the realms of surrealism, which is a different direction for me. I do like to experiment.
  7. Bill’s Mother – well I do like a duck and this one projects a sort of maternal air.  also like the lighting – I think it’s quite an ‘arty’ piece.
  8. Ms Brown - I like this paintings simplicity – its impact comes from it being an almost life size cow with such an appealing look.
  9. Grand Master - this painting was a surprise to me as it was not the painting I was envisaging or intended – it just evolved and I love the resulting quirkiness.
  10. My next Urban piece! I guess my motivation is believing that the next painting is going to be better than the last (obviously not always the case) but that is my driving force. I do have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the process of painting what will be my next Urban piece coming very soon! :o)
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