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Paul & the Paul James Gallery

Paul James

A leading contemporary animal and landscape realist painter renowned for the skill and craftsmanship with which he depicts the fine detail and realism of the many textures portrayed within his imagery. He is an exceptionally gifted and unique animal and landscape artist. Essentially self-taught, Paul began painting professionally in 1986 and it was the haunting beauty of Charnwood forest that greatly influenced his early atmospheric landscape, together with his animal portraiture for which he has perfected a style of his own.The originality of his compositions along with the attention to detail means that his works take time. Paul dedicates himself to each piece with a passion rarely seen in today's commercial art world, insisting on the freedom to paint the subjects he chooses which allows him creative flexibility, and it's this freedom that keeps his work fresh and current.

The Paul James Gallery

We are the official Gallery & Museum for Paul James Art. We showcase a comprehensive collection, including original artworks, back catalogue items, exclusive editions and the very latest releases. Every Limited Edition is exclusively checked, numbered and hand signed by Paul James with a Certificate of Authenticity attached.

Please feel free to contact us for a  private viewing appointment. Paul James regularly hosts events to exhibit his newest creations as well as to share his passion for music with live performances on his piano. The friendly team here in the Midlands are passionate about Paul's work, and are more than happy to share stories and the hidden gems of an artist that is clearly becoming a household name.

Paul's Music Pursuits

In addition to being a well-known fine artist, Paul James is also an accomplished composer and pianist with a particular penchant for the blues, boogie woogie and jazz.

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